Annual security report available to students

The Shippensburg University Police and Department of Public Safety have reminded students in a recent email that they have access to the university’s annual security report.

The beginning of the report contains statistics of crimes within the past three years.
These crimes include those which occurred on campus, on campus-owned property and on public property that is accessible on or directly connected to campus.

The document shows a long list of crime reports, including how many accounts of that crime were committed in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

The most common ones in the list include drunkenness, disorderly conduct, vandalism and larceny. However, most of the violations occurred the least number of times in 2011 in comparison with the two years prior.

In addition to crime statistics, the report includes policies concerning security on SU campus.
According to the security report, SU’s officers “have full authority to enforce all commonwealth and federal laws as well as any applicable university policies.”

They also have the power to arrest on the university’s property if need be. However, the Department of Public Safety consists of 17 full-time police officers and there are more than 2,500 students that reside on campus. This means the ratio between police officers and on-campus residents is one officer to 147 residents.

That being said, they appreciate cooperation from everyone in the community when it comes to safety and security.

“Taking responsibility and reporting crime and suspicious activities in a timely manner will be beneficial to you, the university and the entire community,” the document says.

If any student or other local resident would like to report criminal activity or any emergency on or near campus, he or she can call Public Safety at 717-477-1444. That person may also go directly to the university police station.

Another safety precaution is, of course, the emergency phones throughout campus.
The phones report directly to the university police station when they are activated. The security report contains a map of where all the phones are located.

For more information regarding SU public safety, contact Public Safety or the university police department.

For the full annual security report, go to

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