Colorado shooting causes viewer overraction

Another summer is over and a new school year begins.

Insert clichéd “welcome back” phrase here.

I want to make sure that for my last year I make my opinion known a little louder than last semester.

It has been a crazy summer filled with some huge stories.
Let me take the time to start the year the only way I know how.

You know what really grinds my gears? Idiots with guns.

I am not a gun-toting redneck, even though I did go to high school with some.
Using a gun for hunting, war, or even for your own personal “protection” is one thing.
Killing people for no reason other than morbid pleasure is another.

Yes, I know that innocent people do die in wars, but that is not the point I am making.
I am talking about those sadistic maniacs who feel the need to shoot up a movie theater, a courthouse, or even a place of worship.

I can use many colorful words to describe these people but I will stick with the black and white. This has been a summer to forget for many families throughout our country.

James Holmes, Jeffrey Johnson, Wade Michael Page; these names do not sound threatening; these men were neighbors, friends, brothers, sons.

Now they will forever be synonymous for what they did and not who they were.
I have no sympathy for these people.

They are morons, regardless of what their intentions were.
They will never feel the pain that the family members of their victims feel.
The media loves to feed fear into the hearts of its viewers, so when events like these transpire, it becomes Defcon 1 in America.

Everyone is suddenly afraid to do anything, go anywhere or talk to anyone.
Face it, America overreacts like the father of a 16- year-old girl.
Everything is blown out of proportion.

Seriously, people were saying that going to a movie theater was too dangerous after this all occured.

No one wanted to run the risk because if some punk kid could ambush that many people then what was going to stop a copycat killer? People, we need to relax a little bit here. Stuff happens. What we need to do is just live our days as best we can.

If we are in the wrong place at the wrong time then those are just the breaks.
If we live in fear, then we will never truly live.

I know that this summer has been rather tragic. No one deserves to die the way those people did.

No family member deserves to suffer the loss of loved ones that way. Yet, we can learn from this as a whole.

We can make sure to be aware of our surroundings, protect our women and children and alert authorities as quickly as possible.

Guns might be the cause but getting rid of them is not the answer.
As much as we fight the NRA about gun safety, these psychos are going to get ahold of them one way or another.

We cannot take away guns and we will never get to that point, so we should end that fight.
If we took guns away it would last about as long as when we took cookies away from the cookie monster, and we all saw how that turned out.

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