Athletes to Watch

A new sports season brings us a whole new crop of young student athletes trying to help SU excel in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC).

For our first issue we decided that the best way to bring attention to our student athletes is with a player to watch. With football on everyone’s minds it is only fitting that our players to watch this week is our running back

Mike Frenette and quarterback Zach Zulli.

Mike Frenette

Since 2004 SU has not been able to get past Shepherd University, but these two should be able to lead a formidable SU squad into a fresh new season opening with Shepherd this Saturday.

Frenette was held to 46 yards for no scores last year in the opener. With the way the SU offensive line looks Frenette needs to take command of the ground game. Those numbers on 12 carries is not going to help Zulli and company get past Shepherd this year.

There is a lot more determination in Frenette to make an impact and I look for him to get 86 yards on 15 carries with a score this Saturday. I also see him increasing his yardage on receiving and returns. His total all purpose yards were 208 last year but I see him hitting 260 this game. Frenette will have a big game with a total of two touchdowns and an impact on offense.

Wth Frenette behind the offensive line, look for Shepherd to crowd the line a little bit, allowing Zulli to throw the ball. Frenette will be the catalyst in this game for the Raiders.

Zach Zulli

Zulli was 17 for 30 with two interceptions during the previous game against Shepherd. His four touchdowns and 277 yards seem impressive, but the interceptions hurt.

Also Zulli ran for negative yardage on four carries. He might like to scramble but I think he needs to let Frenette handle Shepherd’s defensive line.

Zulli is going to pass for around the same as last year going 18 for 32 with one pick. I also see his passing yards boosting from 277 and fourtouchdowns to 302 yards for four touchdowns again.

Zulli will get have to scramble some this game and his speed will net him 16 yards on four carries.
As long as Zulli keeps the ball in the hands of his teammates and not the opponents, SU will be fine.

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