Ship Idols get a visit from previous winners


With more than half of the competition behind them, the four remaining contestants of Ship Idol sing their hearts out to fight for the ultimate title of being the 2012 Ship Idol.

This week’s round featured a double theme, which was Motown and all-stars.
Each contestant sang one Motown song by herself and then another song with a previous Ship Idol contestant.

Judging the singers was Sarah Maize, Emilie Troupe, Amy Peteritis and Tyler Graham.
Starting the night off on a high note was Gillian Dolen singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”
During the first few moments of her song, Dolen was experiencing technical difficulties because her microphone was not on.

For some, this would be a frightening moment, but Dolen did not let it bother her at all. She projected her voice and kept singing with a smile on her face.

About halfway through the song, the microphone eventually turned on. The judges were very proud of her for powering through the technical glitch.

They said that her raspy voice gave the song a jazzy feel which made it very enjoyable.
During her second song of the night, Dolen sang “Leave The Pieces,” with last year’s Ship Idol runner up, Bri Spayd.

The two talented singers made an incredible pair.

Judges said the song was fantastic and both girls have a country feel to their voices.
Graham said that Dolen has a rockstar voice, but she could use a little more emotion when she sings.

Overall, the judges were very impressed. Following Dolen was fun-loving red-head, Emily Keen singing Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” with last year’s second runner up, Jozalyn Gregor.

Both girls used their high-pitched yet powerful voices to give listeners chills as they sang this song.
The judges said Keen’s cute and sweet voice gave the song a great quality, but she could have shown a little bit more emotion and connection to the song.

For her solo Motown song, Keen rocked out to “I’m Coming Out.”

At one point, Keen’s hat began to fall off of her head. After attempting to fix it several times, she just had a “whatever” attitude and threw it off the stage. Once she did this, she really began to let loose and have fun with the song, which the judges and the audience really enjoyed.
Up next, was Emily Bentzle singing “At Last” by Etta James.

As soon as it was announced that Bentzle was singing this well-known classic with a high reputation, the judges and the audience were a bit skeptical and nervous for Bentzle.
One young lady in the audience murmured, “Oh gosh. This is a big song, and she better blow me out of the water.”

Her pure and strong voice allowed her to sing the song beautifully. She hit every note perfectly.
“This song has a huge reputation, and you have to rock it, which is what you did,” said Peteritis.
The judges also said that she did the song justice and it was very endearing, almost as if she were singing to someone.

Bentzle impressed the judges again when she sang “Give Up,” with last year’s Ship Idol winner, Peter Shuey.

They said the song was great, and both voices blended well together. Bentzle and Shuey gave the song pizzazz as they put emotion and expression into it, almost as if they were singing to each other about a real heartache.

Troupe expressed her feelings toward the performance by saying, “You know how there’s those celebrity duets that never end up on iTunes, but everybody knows about and wants to listen to?
“This is one of those songs. It was perfect and unique in every way,” she said.

Last but certainly not least, was Briana Blewett singing “Killing Me Softly” with first-ever Ship Idol winner, Jean Martinez.

The soulful pair harmonized well together and created a lot of fun for the audience.
She continued this sass as she sang “Superstitious” by herself.

While singing, Blewett also showed the audience her impressive dance moves, which showed she was having a lot of fun with the song.

The judges said that she really knows her voice and uses it to her advantage. She always does a great job at picking songs that are great for her voice and show off her talent.
Not only can Blewett sing, but she can also put on a great performance.

Once all of the performances concluded, the audience voted and the results were revealed.
Despite all of the talent and all of the great performances, Blewett was eliminated from the competition.

She rocked out her final performance, which made the audience and the contestants even more upset to see her go.

Next week, the remaining three singers, Gillian Dolen, Emily Bentzle, and Emily Keen will battle for a spot in the final two as they will sing Beatles songs and songs from the ’90s.

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