More scandal over Obama's 'forged' birth certificate

Seemingly backed into a corner with no logical arguments to make, conservative elements in the country latched onto what appeared to be a ridiculous argument.

They claimed that Obama had not been born in America.

Obama was asked to produce his birth certificate. One day, out of the blue, he produced a document in the form of a .pdf online.

As it turns out, that document may have been falsified.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona broke the news, possibly because he was the only man brazen enough to do so.

Arpaio is currently under investigation for his practices regarding immigration in that state.
While the man himself has come under a great deal of criticism, his findings have not.

James Colby, a graphic designer since 2004, downloaded the document and observed at once that the birth certificate had been edited.

It was, according to Colby, a forgery.
It should be noted here that neither Arpaio nor Colby are questioning Obama’s status as a citizen of the United States. Nor is anyone claiming that his presidency is illegitimate.

It may be that the president is, in fact, an American citizen, but for reasons of his own, saw fit to post what may be a false birth certificate and then announce the posting to the press.

Thus far, the president has not submitted copies of his birth certificate to public officials.
In fact, Obama acted like he had been born in America and that the burden of proof rested with the people to prove that he was not born as a citizen of Hawaii- something that proved to be very difficult.

Individual birth certificates usually cannot be obtained through a freedom of information act request due to rules of confidentiality.

This appears to be true for presidents as it does for private citizens.
As a result, the president has been in control of who sees his document of birth and when.
In 2011, the Hawaii State Health Department complied with a request by the president to process his birth certificate.

Two different officials from Hawaii certified the document.
To them, it appears that the president’s birth certificate is authentic. Other arguments suggest that the first birth certificate Obama presented was a forgery have since been debunked.

It may be that no amount of evidence will ever convince Obama’s opponents that he has acted in good faith.

It may be that the entire story is nothing more than a generated scandal aimed at ruining the president’s reputation.
Make no mistake here: if Obama is telling the truth and all of these accusations amount to little more than smoke, then a lot of people have a lot of apologizing to do.

However, if Arpaio and Colby (among others) are right, then Obama has not only committed forgery, but defrauded an entire nation as well.

Under current American law, these offenses, if proven in a court of law, would make Obama impeachable as a president.

This would be the absolute worst disaster in politics since the Watergate scandal of Richard Nixon’s administration.

Such a scenario would be a disaster for the nation- but not quite as bad as the president behaving criminally and getting away with it.

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