Lin in Doubt

At the beginning of the NBA season in late December, no one was using the term “Linsanity” or even knew who Jeremy Lin was.

Fast forward to February, and Jeremy Lin shook the sports world when he came off the bench and led the New York Knicks to numerous victories. Lin was receiving praise from the media and fellow NBA stars as he was surprising everyone with what he had been capable of doing.

He led the team when it was depleted of their starters, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. Lin took a team that was floating just below .500 and made it a contender. However, his run may have ended for the season.

Last Saturday, many were concerned when Lin had to leave a game against the Detroit Pistons after feeling some discomfort in his knee. Lin’s knee looked swollen and he complained of feeling a lot of pain.

The next day, Lin decided to take part in a team shoot around and had hoped to play in the game. Playing in that game never happened. According to Lin in a press conference, the swelling in his knee went down progressively, but the pain never subsided. The Knicks sent Lin to have a MRI on the knee earlier this past week, and the results were not optimistic.

The results on the MRI showed that Lin had a small, chronic meniscus tear in the knee in which he had felt the discomfort. Lin then went to get the

opinion of four different doctors, with all but one suggesting that Lin have surgery. The surgery will be performed on Friday and will have the Knicks guard out for six weeks. With the regular season ending on April 26, this means the Knicks will definitely be without the guard for the remainder of the regular season.

The loss of Lin will have a huge impact for the Knicks. With Lin’s help, the team has climbed back into the No. 8 spot in the Eastern Conference and has a legitimate shot at jumping two or more seeds until the season deadline.

Now, with the loss of Lin, the Knicks will start from square one in terms of point guards. Lin has been able to disguise much of the Knick’s offensive woes with his style of play.

The loss of Lin also creates another problem for the Knicks. The team now falls onto the shoulders of Carmelo Anthony, an idea that may make most New York fans cringe. Anthony has not been the star that the New Yorkers were expecting. Despite his offensvie talent, his lack of defensive capabilities force the Knicks into tough situations every night. The Knicks will need to find another Lin.

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