Intramural Athlete Spotlight: Matt Murray



If you have only been in the gym once a week, you have seen this student around the weight platforms either lifting or talking to other students. He is 6 feet 4 inches, big and bulky and his name is Matt Murray.

A Shippensburg University junior, Murray spends much of his time at the SU Recreational Center between working out and the intramural sports in which he participates.

Some students would say that intramural sports are under appreciated compared to varsity and club sports. However, Murray says it is a great way to get out and remain active while socializing with other athletes.

There are two things that bother Murray.

One thing is when, “People reffing the games who can’t realize the difference between a basketball and a grape fruit. Some have no business making calls in games,” he said.

And the fact that most intramural players could beat varsity teams.

This year his intramural basketball team, The Betty White Boys, beat Swagg 63-57 in a very heated and intense game and won the intramural championship crown.

According to Murray, the team name was chosen because of teammate David Slage’s love for actress Betty White.

On March 24, The Betty White Boys placed second against other state universities in PIRSA (Pennsylvania Intramural Recreational Sports Association) State Intramural Basketball Championships.

Murray’s least favorite moment happened when teammate, Travis Heap tore his ACL.

“He didn’t even acknowledge any pain whatsoever even after he realized that he blew out his knee,” Murray said.

On his strengths and weaknesses as a basketball player, Murray modestly answered, “I’m best without a basketball in my hands. I can’t dribble, shoot or pass, but I sure know how to talk some stupid trash.”

SU sophomore Danielle Krebs has known Murray for two years since they were introduced through mutual friends at a family dinner at Reisner Dining Hall.

She is really impressed with his ability to juggle his school work, his job at Finish Line, intramurals and his very active social life.

Krebs also said that most people just know Murray as the guy with big muscles, but, “When you actually know Murray, you’ll realize the biggest muscle he has is his heart.” he said. “He has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He would do anything for anyone.”

After basketball intramurals were over, Murray spent no time resting before his next intramural adventure, volleyball.

His team, Fear the Weird, recently lost in the intramural volleyball semi-finals to team Look Up.

When asked about all the intramural wins he has had through his college career, Murray said, “I really can’t count. Enough they should rename the Rec center, ‘Betty White Boys’ Building.” While he attended Tyrone Area High School, Murray participated in basketball, track, tennis and football.

Playing a good game of football is one of his favorite things to do. He said, “If I played, Zach Zulli would be a bench warmer; it’s been said I can throw a pigskin a quarter mile.”

Besides living at the ShipRec, Murray likes to visit his friends on Richard Avenue. He joked, “A typical Friday night is filled with crafts, Disney movie nights, and s’mores cooked in the microwave. I’ll tell you what, those cats know how to get down.”

Since the loss in semi-finals, Murray will be focusing on finals and working his at the Shippensburg University Recreational Center.

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