Hypnosis sessions available on campus to students and faculty

Many television shows, movies and entertaining hypnosis shows portray hypnosis in a comical and entertaining manner.

It usually results in the audience either laughing or not taking it seriously as it watches these people embarrass themselves by dancing on stage or following a yo-yo with their eyes.

However, not only is hypnosis used for entertaining a crowd, but it is also used for life-changing purposes.

Are you stressed, overweight, a smoker, shy or just looking for an effective change in your life?
On April 27 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., the opportunity to make that change will be available in Horton Hall Room 205 for 50 minutes at a cost $50.

Students will receive a half-price discount of $25 for 50 minutes.

Professional consulting hypnotist Cathy Keefe will be performing the hypnosis, and it is open to faculty as well.

The hypnosis will take place by making an appointment with Maryrose Wilson by emailing her at mwilson@ship.edu or by calling her at 717-477-1124.

For more information on hypnosis, visit www.hypnosisofficeofcarlisle

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