The Geography and Earth Science Organization cleans up SU

If you have an interest in the environment and you like earth science, then Shippensburg University has the club for you.

Shippensburg’s Geography and Earth Science Organization (GESO) is looking for members to join. GESO is looking for volunteers who have the time and dedication in improving the community.

The club meets once a week on Monday at 8 p.m. at McFeely’s Coffeehouse in the Ceddia Union Building (CUB).

During each meeting, the club discusses upcoming events and tosses around ideas that could improve the campus and the rest of the Shippensburg community.

The club participates in many activities outside of campus.
Most of the time, the activities are weather permitting, but so far, this year the club has been lucky.

The nice weather has allowed club members to engage in trips like hiking the Appalachian Trail, going camping and doing a scavenger hunt-like activity called geocaching.

Each year the club plans one major trip and the possibilities are endless.

This year, there have been two.
Last semester, the students got to witness a professional experience.

They drove north to Minneapolis, Minn. for a Geological Society of America (GSA) event where students were able to further educate themselves about the environment.

They also got to see many seminars and built up a series of contacts through networking.

For the past few years the members of the GESO have also been traveling to Wallops Island, Virginia for their event called “alternative spring break.”

The free trip is during the university’s spring break, and it allows members from the GESO and other students from all over Pennsylvania to get together and conduct volunteer work for the Marine Science Contortion (MSC).

In the midst of painting, constructing and beach clean-up, it is also a great way to network.

Although the alternative spring break has already passed, there are many upcoming events that GESO is planning and would like to get people involved.

April 19, Earth Day, GESO is planning an event to save the earth.
The members are making and selling flowers made out of recycled magazines.

They are also trying to organize an obstacle course that will educate students on recycling and how much of an environmental burden bottled water has on the environment.

The purpose of the GESO is to get the community involved and to educate people about the environment in a fun way.

The club is open to any major and is always accepting members.
If one is interested in joining or want more information on upcoming events, contact Sabrina Woodlief, the club president, at or Sean Cornell at .

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