Distressed women and personality disorders plague the military

You know what really grinds my gears, the military.

We all know that our government is corrupt, we know that big business is corrupt, and since Vietnam I am pretty sure that our country realizes how truly corrupt the military is too.

It just so happens that women who are in the military are getting raped, and while they should have been protected and helped, they were instead relieved of duty and diagnosed with a personality disorder.

This is not how we serve our country. I cannot speak for anyone who serves, did serve or will serve in the military because I myself have no experience, yet this is unethical. I understand that we all have sexual desires and that sometimes things happen regardless of how they actually happen, but for the military to deny these women justice when they seek it and give them a made-up disorder I think shows the shadiness of our military.

Stephanie Schroeder, Anna Moore and Jenny McClendon all joined a branch of the military after 9/11 because they felt they wanted to serve their country the best way they knew how.

So, instead of being acknowledged for their will to serve, they were dismissed from duty because they were assaulted by servicemen. As they went to discuss the assaults they were all told they suffered from a personality disorder, and that they had made up these claims.

Sometimes when a woman gets mad at a man or does not feel right about intercourse after already committing she turns to the word “rape.”

Maybe something could have happened to cause these women to cry wolf, but there are figures that show otherwise.

From 2001-2010 there were 31,000 dismissed service members who suffered from personality disorders.

It should also be noted that personality disorders are something you do not just catch, like a cold or flu.

So these women should not have been allowed to even serve in the beginning because they would have gone through a mental evaluation to make sure they are fit to serve. By looking at a CNN article, I found this major development in sexual assault cases.

CNN writer David Martin wrote, “Despite the Defense Department’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy, there were 3,191 military sexual assaults reported in 2011. Given that most sexual assaults are not reported, the Pentagon estimates the actual number was probably closer to 19,000.”
That is a pretty big number and an even bigger number of crazy women if they all have personality disorders.

Women are crazy. We all know this. They yell at us when we do not tell them they look pretty every day, and then say we are lying if we do tell them.

Women are just never satisfied and men learn to live with that.

They were screened before they went in and found to be normal. They get preyed on because they are women. If the military wanted to do something about this, they could.

They do not want to ruin a good thing though. For the men in uniform, they use the women. For the women in uniform, they are just props. It is appalling and I am ashamed that they choose to ignore the cries and pleas for help.

With so many other issues going on in this country, that is the last thing anyone will care about. I just hope that for the sake of our women who serve our country, someday, justice will be served in return.

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