Ship idols sing their favorite country songs


Hopeful singers tapped into their southern side as they sang country songs for the fourth week of Ship Idol on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

It was a night full of plaid, revenge and girl power, which created a rather upbeat atmosphere.
The night kicked off on a sassy note with Alexis Matthews as she rocked out to “Red High Heels” by Kellie Pickler.

She had the crowd bobbing and clapping along and she strutted around the stage pretending she was in red high heels.

Judges said it was obvious that Matthews was having fun and that country music suits her.
Following Matthews was Conor Kennedy who slowed the mood down a bit by singing “Man of Constant Sorrow,” by the Soggy Bottom Boys.

Kennedy added a comedic touch by wearing a fake moustache and a hat while strutting around the stage.

This had the audience cheering and wanting more. The judges said that he fit the character of the song well and loved that he acted silly and had fun with it.

Bringing the show back to a feisty mood was Gillian Dolen singing “Homewrecker” by Gretchen Wilson.

Photo by Leslie Douglas / The Slate

Dolen used her strong voice for this big song which reminded the judges of Miranda Lambert.
Following Dolen’s song about cheating was Kaneisha Stern who sang another song on infidelity, “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood.

Stern used a lot of power to sing the song and seemed as though she was having a good time.
She made the song her own and really shined on the big notes.

Keeping with the angry country theme was Emily Bentzle who sang “You Lie” by The Band Perry.
Her soft and pure voice charmed the judges and the audience, along with her constant smile.
It was obvious that she was enjoying herself on stage and loved the song.

Emily Keen kicked the mood up a notch with the powerful song “Last Name” by Carrie Underwood.
She worked the stage and even flirted with the judges as she pretended to be experiencing a loss of memory from the night before.

The judges said that she looked like she belonged on stage and deserved to be there.
Ending the night on a high note was Briana Blewett who slowed things down by singing “Landslide” by the Dixie Chicks.

The judges were very impressed and said that she accepted a challenge without even knowing it because she was the only one to sing a slow song and she rocked it. The song suited her very well.
All of the contestants did a great job with their country songs, but as in every competition, someone must go home.

Unfortunately, this week that someone was Kaneisha Stern. Her fellow idols acknowledged her efforts and supported her as she sang her final song.

The idols return to the stage Tuesday, March 6, where they will be singing Broadway songs.

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