Top Ten Movies I Like That No One Else Enjoys


Published: 04/26/2011

With summer just around the corner, there will be plenty of movies that will be seeking a chance to make millions at the box office. This reminds me of how much everyone can get critical of summer movies. Most people like to talk about if they liked or hated a certain movie that has become pretty popular.

Over the years, I have felt like I enjoy some movies more than other people.

Therefore I would like to come up with a Top 10 list that was influenced by a video I watched called “Top 10 Movies Doug Likes But Everybody Else Hates.” This video is from a Web site called

I enjoyed it and I have decided to write my own Top 10 list of films I like that nobody else seems to enjoy.

10. “Dinner for Schmucks”
This is the most recent movie on this list. From what I have heard so far, people think that it is too strange and stupid to be that funny. But I think that was the point.

I think you have to find awkward situations really funny to like this movie.

It is full of scenes that are strange and uncomfortable for the characters. It is a pretty dumb comedy, and I will admit that the humor is not for everyone, but it worked for me.

9. “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”
I loved this movie when I saw it at a local drive-in. I thought it was quite the thrill ride and funny at times (but some of the humor was kind of dumb).

I was utterly baffled when I heard about how much bashing it received, and I still have yet to hear a legitimate reason on why it is so awful. I thought it had pretty good animation, great special effects and an enjoyable supporting cast.

8. “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”
I was a big “Jurassic Park” fan when I was younger, and I thought this was a decent follow up to the first one. Now that I am older, I have taken notice to the flaws and plot holes a lot more.

I still find it fun to watch and I think it is a lot better than “Jurassic Park III” (2001). It is not that good of a movie, but I cannot bring myself to hate it because it is one of my childhood favorites.

7. “The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift”
In all honesty, I really thought this movie was going to be awful. Especially after I found out that a whole new set of characters were going to be in it.

I hated that it was even released. But one day at Blockbuster, I decided to give it a chance and rent it.

The main character’s acting was pretty bad. But I liked the supporting cast, the races, the music, and the cinematography. I also think it is better than “Fast and Furious 4.” It was one of those “Well, it wasn’t that bad” type of movies for me.

6. “Batman Forever”
This is another childhood favorite that I cannot bring myself to hate. But just like the “Lost World,” I have noticed how dumb it can get now that I am older.

It would have been a lot better if Michael Keaton had returned as Batman. Two-Face is a pretty subpar villain, but Jim Carrey steals the show as The Riddler.

Plus, all the flaws in “Batman Forever” are a lot more acceptable than it’s beyond disreputable sequel, “Batman and Robin” (a movie that I thought was pretty dumb even when I was a kid).

5. “Die Another Day”
I will admit that I think this is not one of the better James Bond movies and the Bond girls are pretty mediocre. But would I call it the worst Bond movie ever made? No. It is not even close to being that bad.

Most of the movie’s action gets to be pretty exciting, and I really liked all the references it made to most of the older 007 films.

As a Bond movie that ended the original series, it could have been better.

But it still kept me entertained more often than not.

4. “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”
Call me naive, but I did not really see the plot twist coming, but I liked the surprise. I didn’t like Shia LaBeouf’s performance and some of the writing. However, there were plenty of things I liked about the movie. I think it is pretty fun to watch. I liked most of the action and humor. I also love Harrison Ford’s performance in the film.

The movie is mainly on this list because the complaints about what does not belong in an Indiana Jones movie annoys me a lot. I will not give out any spoilers, but if you have seen the movie, then you probably know to what I am referring to.

3. “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”
It does not hold a candle to the original trilogy, but it’s still pretty good. My only major complaint is the performance of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker.

His acting was not nearly as bad as it was in Episode II. Some of the acting from Natalie Portman as Padme could have been better, too. However, I loved every fight scene. I also liked how suspenseful and dark it gets.

2. “Terminator Salvation”
In my opinion, claiming that this movie is worse than “Terminator 3” is ridiculous.

I have read tons of comments on that it is worse. Christian Bale as John Conner had his flaws and did come off as cheesy.

He did enough to make his character look like a cut-throat leader from the future that he was intended to be.

I will admit that most of the other characters were forgettable and there was one part toward the end that was kind of stupid. But I liked the way it tried to revive the message and feel of the first two “Terminator” movies.

It is also another movie on this list that had enjoyable action scenes.

1. “Spider-Man 3”
Sometimes, I just cannot stand all the bashing and complaints that this movie gets. I absolutely loved seeing it in theaters and thought it was the most exciting of the “Spider-Man” trilogy. It was pretty cheesy at times, but so were the other two movies (especially the first one).

Besides the amount of screen time two of the villains received (Harry Osborn and Venom) and how dumb Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s complicated relationship became, I did not find a whole lot of gaping-hole flaws in “Spider-Man 3” that were enough to label it a bad movie.

It is not a masterpiece and it is far from great, but I still find it to be worth watching.

This may not be my favorite movie on this list. But in my opinion, it is definitely the most underrated.

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