The Vow brings tears to people's eyes

For every girl who is looking for a romantic movie this Valentine’s Day, “The Vow” is perfect for you.

However, for those looking for the next version of “The Notebook,” you are not going to get what you are expecting.

Comparing “The Vow” and “The Notebook” would, in my opinion, be a disservice to both movies.

The movie starts off very romantically with Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) getting married. After a quick wedding with an interesting twist, Paige and Leo leave, anticipating a romantic evening.

However, after getting in a car accident and ending up in the hospital, plans changed.

After the accident, Paige’s parents enter the story and portray parents who clearly have been distant for awhile.

Along with this, they do not approve of Leo, which makes things extremely hard for him and his marriage. The hardest part of the marriage is not the parents intruding, but the fact that Paige cannot remember being married to Leo.

The movie continues with trials that Leo and Paige have to overcome together.

Though things are very difficult and circumstances unexpected, Leo continues to love Paige through it all.

By trying to understand what it is like being married to a stranger, Paige is uncomfortable when Leo tries to cheer her up by tickling her, when Leo tries to sleep in the same bed as her or when Leo walks around the house naked.

Showing what it looks like to make sacrifices for the one you love, Leo struggles to accept that he has to win Paige’s heart all over again.

Although the ending was somewhat of a disappointment, the love story brought tears to several people’s eyes.

People in the theater were certainly impacted when they realized it was not just a cute story, but also a true story.

If romantic movies are of any appeal to you, I recommend seeing “The Vow” to celebrate the romance behind Valentine’s Day.

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