Published: 04/26/2011

So spring sports at Shippensburg University are winding down, and I just have to say I am very disappointed.

Not in the performance of the teams themselves, but in the student turnout at events.

It has been something in the back of my mind all semester, and almost all year, but this past weekend really ticked me off.

To see the SU softball team work so hard to get the chance to host a segment of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) Tournament and beat a solid PSAC West team in Mercyhurst College, especially after the season the Raiders had last year, and to then see very little student turnout, has to be disheartening.

Or even April 17 when the Raider baseball team competed with perennial PSAC juggernaut Slippery Rock, pulling out a 6-3 win before dropping the second game, 15-11, in two tight contests.

Now, I understand that not everyone in the student population at SU likes sports and that most of these games are during class hours, but I still believe that more people who do like sports could try to get out and show support for their classmates in whatever athletic showdown they are in.

And let’s not forget our track teams either. The women’s track team is ranked 13th in the country as of right now, and I am not so sure how many people outside the athletic program are aware of the fact.

And the track teams have their annual Paul Kiser meet this Saturday, where they bring in PSAC, Division II and Division III schools to come run in an invitational-type setting. I only hope that, for the sake of showing school spirit, those who do care about track or about SU sports in general can find their way to SU Student Association Field at Seth Grove Stadium on Saturday.

As for the rest of the year, I had seen some decent student crowds at basketball, football, soccer and field hockey games, but all other sports deserve the same recognition.

The main thing that gets me here is that most of these events are free. With the exception of PSAC or NCAA playoff events on campus, students have the opportunity to present their school IDs and get in for no charge.

Now as college students, many of us are looking for the best deals. If you ask me, stuff like this sounds like a win-win for sports fans anywhere on campus.

For those groups of students who have attended in the past, I am sure the whole athletic program thanks you for your support.

I just hope for the future of the SU sports programs, people who care for them at this school start showing their support a little more.

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