‘One Million Moms’ trash Ellen DeGeneres

Gay marriage has been legalized in seven U.S. states, with Washington being the most recent.
In the world we live in today, people of different race, ethnic backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations walk among us on a day-to -day basis.

Although there are many supporters of gay marriage, a lot of conservative groups, organizations and some of the general public, have other thoughts on the topic.

JC Penney announced Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson for their department store on Feb. 1.

This pushed the conservative group by the name of “One Million Moms,” a project of the American Family Association, to launch a campaign to voice their opinion and get her fired.

This is astonishing to me.

It is painful to see that a group would go as far as trying to get a multi-millionaire celebrity fired, for helping a company and promoting a great store.

“One Million Moms” is a conservative group that supports traditional families, the values and practices of God and speak about it freely.

The group wrote on their website on Wednesday, Feb. 1, “DeGeneres is not a true representation of the type of families that shop at their store. The majority of JC Penney shoppers will be offended and choose to no longer shop there.”

This quote is not only offensive, but wrong.

Not everyone who shops at JC Penney is a part of a traditional, middle-class family with all the same cultural norms and beliefs as this conservative group.

Ellen DeGeneres won the Golden Globe award this year for best talk show and has millions of worldwide fans who support her, her marriage and her sexual orientation, every day.

So out of anger and support, the “Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Discrimination” have launched a “Stand Up for Ellen” website.

In 17 hours, more than 10,000 people signed the petition on their website, supporting DeGeneres and the department store’s decision.

Another example of how many people are talking is a poll that shows 96 percent of Los Angeles Times readers support DeGeneres, who happens to be a former JC Penney sales clerk.

Conservative groups, as the rest of us, have the right to speak their minds freely under the First Amendment of our constitution.

It is our right of freedom of speech to speak freely and openly about how we feel.

But they should not be speaking openly about “the majority of JC Penney shoppers,” as a whole, who will be offended and choose to stray away from JC Penney stores.

Assuming the majority of shoppers at JC Penney are traditional families, is biased and unrealistic.
It is a department store, anyone can and will shop there.

I do not speak for any anti-discrimination groups or other supporters of gay marriage, but I believe that having the right to say what you feel, also means having the respect to not hurt or discriminate people for who they are.
Saying that JC Penney will lose customers because of DeGeneres being their spokesperson, is like saying the brand Cover Girl lost costumers, because she modeled and advertised for that also.

This is so unrealistic. A company is not going to lose customers because of their choice of a spokesperson, especially DeGeneres with her professional and outstanding reputation.

JC Penney has lowered their prices to make things more affordable for consumers also.

They see DeGeneres as a great way to bring in more customers and make more money.

DeGeneres is a great comedian, show host and person.

She donates a lot of her money to schools, children’s homes and other organizations in need.

I think DeGeneres is going to make an excellent spokesperson for JC Penney, whether “One Million Moms” thinks so or not.

People will continue to be consumers in this company and they will not turn their backs on it, just because an openly gay woman now advertises for it.

Gay marriage should not be a privilege in our states, it should be a right and no one should be treated differently, especially a face a company chooses specifically.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day in the month of February, every person is entitled to love and share their life openly with whomever they want.

This being said, stay out of their business and keep to your own.

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