Face-off: Which Movie and Show is Best?


Lizzie McGuire

Show Plot
“Lizzie McGuire” follows the life of teenage girl, Lizzie, through school, her friendships and her life at home. Her two best friends, Miranda and Gordo, are with her in every episode, portraying friendships similar to those in an average teenager’s life.

Another character in the show is Matt, Lizzie’s little brother. He acts as the annoying little brother that is quite the pest in every episode.

“Lizzie McGuire” was also known for the cartoon version that represented Lizzie’s mental thoughts.

This portrayed the mind of a teenage girl perfectly, because they were all thoughts that girls feel, such as frustration toward parents and teachers, crushes on boys and rivalries in junior high school.

Show Acting
Beautifull portrayed, Lizzie did not act fake in any episode that she aired.

Every situation that was covered in the show was something that a middle school girl could easily relate to, which made the show that much more intriguing for girls who watched the show.

From the cute boy, Ethan, to the annoying little brother, Matt, to the jerk cheerleader, Kate, to an average girl, Lizzie, every character played their part accurately.

Movie Plot
After their junior high school graduation, where Lizzie McGuire embarrasses herself by trippping over the curtain on stage and bringing down the curtain on everyone sitting on stage.

McGuire’s brother, Matt, makes sure to record this stunt and decides to send it to “Good Morning America.”

Once the embarrassment of graduation is over, McGuire journies off with several of her classmates on their class trip to Rome.

Forced to share a room with her enemy, Kate, McGuire learns to make deals in order to spend time with her European pop star crush, Paolo.

Paolo says that McGuire looks like his singing partner, Isabella, and with this realization, the trouble only begins.

McGuire decides to help Paolo out with his lawsuit against Isabella and decides to sing with him for a show. Everyone is appalled to find out what Paolo is hiding when McGuire starts to sing and fall in love with him.

Movie Acting
Similarly to the show acting, the characters portray exactly what they are trying to get across.

Lizzie is excellently acted as a teenage girl who is up to no good, while Kate is very accurate in playing the girl who refuses to help, but ends up having a soft heart and giving in.

Along with the teacher who is strict, and Gordo who sacrifices everything for his best friend, the acting is phenomenal and very accurate for a class trip attended by junior high schoolers.

Hannah Montana

Show Plot
The story of Hannah Montana is actually the story of Miley Stewart. A regular teenage girl tries to live a normal life so she takes on a disguise so that she can also be a pop superstar.

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart) is an average high school girl by day and superstar by night. She struggles with everyday teenage girl things and then also the struggles of a pop princess.

She moved from Tennessee and is adapting to a new lifestyle of Malibu.

The only people that know her secret are her dad, Robbie Ray Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus), her brother Jackson Stewart (Jason Earles), her best friend Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment), and her other best friend Oliver Oken (Mitchel Musso).

Show Acting
It is easy to tell the difference between the shows beginning episodes in 2006 to the shows ending episodes in 2011 and not just by the clear maturing of characters. Their acting has definitely improved.

I am not saying that they should win any Emmy awards or anything, but it has definitely gotten better from the show’s beginning to the show’s ending.

It is a slight advantage to Miley when she is doing father/daughter scenes. Everything is so natural because they are actually father and daughter.

It makes the chemistry easy to portray.

Movie Plot
The movie is based around Miley Stewart losing herself in her Hannah Montana character and the lifestyle that comes with it.

In an extreme effort to get her back to her roots, her father (Billy Ray Cyrus) tricks her into thinking she’s on a private jet to New York when really she just landed in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee.

Her father forces her to spend some time of her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee to see what really matters most in life.

The movie is quite predictable so you know that she is going to get caught in the middle of both lives. I am not going to spoil the ending of the movie, but you know it ends with a Happily Ever After.

Movie Acting
By the time “Hannah Montana: The Movie” came out in 2009, the actors and actresses of the Disney television series had time to practice and fit into their rolls perfectly for the movie.

They still are not award winning actors and actresses for the film, but they did a pretty decent job staying within their characters and transitioning from small screen to the big screen very easily.

Like I mentioned previously, the chemistry between Miley and Billy Ray is consistently amazing in the show and the movie because it is so natural because they deal with it daily.

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