Sammi Ennico: Asst. Opinion editor


SU encourages students to vote

For children growing up, a professional career in sports is one of the most sought-after jobs. However, once high school rolls around, the harsh reality of what it takes to be an athlete becomes overwhelming.

Media is the biggest influence in politics

With the presidential election quickly approaching, the media have played a huge role in how the candidates are perceived. Many news stations fit into the category of being primarily liberal or conservative. This year especially has shown that separation.

Do’s and Don’ts of college

Missy says... Do Stay active and keep yourself healthy It’s easy to lose motivation for working out and staying in shape when you come into college, but it’s more important now than ever to push yourself a little bit extra.

Big companies tackle body image issues

Although society has been tailored to be accepting of all body types, there is still an added pressure on women to look a certain way in order to fit the social norms. Lately, many groups have been creating advertisement campaigns to show women they do not have to feel that constant pressure.

Do’s and Don’ts of college

Missy says... Do Stay focused on what matters It is super easy to get caught up in partying, drinking and staying up late when you get to college.

Do's and don'ts of college

Being in college, it is easy to lose focus on responsibility, especially when it comes to saving money. You do not realize how quickly going out for pizza every now and then adds up, until it is too late.