Nick Sones


Commentary: Young voters have the power

If only young voters under the age of 40 voted in the previous presidential election, Donald Trump would not have become president, according to CNN exit polling data. 

Commentary: Russian interference can no longer be ignored

Former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress on July 24, and laid out the facts involving his investigation into the act of war that was launched by the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election.

Commentary: The future is female

The Democratic Debates kicked off last week, and it is clear is that the future is very much female. There is a total of 24 candidates in the race, including a former Pennsylvania congressman Joe Sestak.

Republicans need change of strategy in 2020

President Donald Trump is supposedly the leader of the Republican Party. However, he continues to attack former prisoner of war, American Hero former-Senator John McCain. McCain, unlike Trump, had it all.