Kevin Carr


The “Underration” of Hydration

 We have heard it since we were kids, “drink water!” “Be sure to stay hydrated!” We always brushed it off as just another health tip from mom, in one ear and out the other. I hate to break it to everyone, but our moms were right. According to the lay press, “75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.” This is an issue that is overlooked by most of our nation. 

Go get some fresh air

 Nature is something we take for granted in today’s day and age. It affects our lives more than we realize. Whether it’s choosing to wear a hat to shade your eyes from the beaming sun, or staying home during a frigid blizzard, nature leaves its mark on society. While nature influences us in terms of weather, it also has immense effects on our mental health.

The State of Gym Culture

 The gym, at its core, is a place where you leave your troubles at the door, a place to escape reality and a place to improve yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.