Gemma Laverty


Student Artist Spotlight: Kayla Snook

Kayla Snook is a first-year art education student. Snook was an active member of the fashion club at her high school. In the fashion club, the members presented a fashion show with the different clothes that she and her peers had made.

Dorm-friendly recipes

  Are you hungry? Are you living in a dorm? There are many simple ways for you to use the appliances allowed in the dorms and the dorm kitchens. Here are some easy recipes you can make in your dorm room or kitchen. Sincerely, a commuter student.  

Roe V. Wade: Overturned in a time of need

On June 24, the Supreme Court finalized overturning Roe v. Wade. News that the Supreme Court might decide to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked in May. Much of the public was outraged by the news then, and even more are angered now. 

Student Artist Spotlight: Whitney Morris

Whitney Morris is a “super” senior art education major in the College of Arts and Sciences, meaning she is completing a fifth year of classes. She has worked in the Kauffman Gallery during her freshman and sophomore years, helping to set up exhibitions and food for gallery openings. She has also been professor Steve Dolbin’s intern for the past year and a half.