Derek Robertson


Face off: Are you for or against gun control?

The Second Amendment does not matter. Trivial legal arguments claimed powers do not matter; only what should be done matters. The theoretical argument for gun rights rests not in use, but in ownership.

Relocation of voting polls decreases student votes

In case anyone missed it, the Cumberland County Commissioners voted to move the voting facility for Shippensburg Township away from the SU University Foundation building to the Emergency Services Building.

Negative vs. postive rights

The phrase “healthcare is a human right” displays a profound ignorance of basic terminology, as well as a contradictory, self-imploding notion of what qualifies as a “right.” A poll once indicated that many Americans believe healthcare to indeed qualify as a right, probably mistaking themselves to possess compassion for holding such an opinion.

Whose freedom are we fighting for?

Obviously, the attacks of Sept. 11 were savage and evil, and their perpetrators are bad people. It really is deeply saddening to know that some 3,000 people just going about their day are now dead because of a single calculated act of revenge and retribution.