Commentary by Troy Okum


Commentary: Circuses come to town

Going to a national campaign rally is a lot like going to a block party: You will hear loud and strange noises, there will be lot of weird looking people and you know at some point the police are going to show up. All you hope for is that you can leave before a snaking line of armed officers file through the crowd, shining piercing light in your eyes and demanding you back away from them.

Commentary: $478 billion is not enough

Of all the issues that concern Shippensburg University students, the nation’s (crumbling) infrastructure probably does not fall high on the list of what is important. Roads, bridges and public transportation is not the sexiest topic to talk about, and the mere mention of PennDOT may have you cringing.

Commentary: Students lack input in Senate

If you ever look at your Shippensburg University student bill you will see a laundry list of services and fees you are being charged with by the hundreds of dollars. At the top of the list is something called an activity fee, which costs each student $264 every semester.

America turns attention to vacant justice seat

With the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, members of the federal government could strike a new balance on the high court that could affect everyone from billionaire bankers to Shippensburg University students. The court is made up of nine justices, and up until Scalia’s death, it was Republican controlled, but now there are four Democrats and four Republicans.