Ben Anwyll


Tennis splits Saturday matchups vs. Hagerstown, Hartford

The Shippensburg University tennis team played two off-season tennis matches on Saturday, shutting out Hagerstown Community College 9-0 but coming up short against Harford Community College in a 7-2 loss. Junior Emily Cox and freshman Emilie Luttman brought home a sweeping 8-0 victory in their doubles match against Hagerstown.

SU students travel to Chincoteague Bay

While Shippensburg University students were relaxing on spring break, a courageous cluster of Geography and Earth Science Organization (GESO) students were knee-deep in the brackish wetlands of the Chincoteague Bay, swinging machetes. After classes let out on Friday, March 6, 18 GESO students crowded into vans for a four-hour drive down to the Chincoteague Bay Field Station in Virginia. This year’s team, armed with machetes and weed-wackers, were set on weeding out as much Phragmite grass as they could from a designated area of Chincoteague Bay wetlands. Phragmite grass is a big problem for biodiversity in the Chincoteague area.

SU is vegan friendly

Shippensburg University is in the running to become Peta2’s “favorite vegan-friendly” small college. When Peta2, the largest youth animal rights group in the world, assigned letter grades to hundreds of universities, Shippensburg University scored a solid A.

Science v. Religion: the impact of a trial

An award-winning journalist shared her experience covering a controversial trial surrounding the debate of promoting religion in public schools. Lauri Lebo spoke in Old Main last Thursday for Shippensburg University’s 7th annual Science and Religion Forum.

SU geography professors receive $1 million research grant

Shippensburg University professors received a $1 million grant to study the Delaware River Basin. Shippensburg University professors Claire Jantz and Scott Drzyzga will use the money to fund a project that will map and analyze land use in the Delaware River Basin.