Amanda Mehall


Free To Be Me celebrates first year as SU organization

A first birthday celebration had never been so eccentric and glamourous. Rainbow whoopee pies, balloons and tablecloths created the colorful atmosphere for an even more colorful night on the way in the Ceddia Union Building’s multi-purpose room on Friday, Oct.

Student Spotlight: Monkeys, sheep and journalism

The year of the sheep swooped in with a bitterly cold first day, and I sat in Starbucks sipping on iced coffee with a monkey. Tu Ngo is classified as a monkey, under the Chinese zodiac, which goes by year of birth.

Kick your resume into shape

Once a semester, the campus career center offers students a block in the afternoon a few hours long to attend boot camp.

Big Sean ends homecoming with a bang

People were lined up outside the Ceddia Union Building waiting to see the rapper Big Sean rock Shippensburg University for the homecoming party on Saturday night. At 10 p.m., the doors opened and everyone swarmed in with excitement.

Pro-choice or no choice

I do not know why, but I noticed that people often seem to think that the term “pro-choice” is interchangeable with “pro-abortion.” Pro-choice is not anti-life, and pro-choice is certainly not pro-murder. The values of people who classify themselves as pro-choice are all in its title.

Spotlife on greek life

It is nearly impossible to walk on campus without seeing Greek letters somewhere. Commonly, when one hears the word “fraternity” or “sorority”, words like hazing, drugs or the idea of “paying for friends” come to mind.