On Wednesday night, two teams will take the field that have met before on the October stage. The Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals will meet in the World Series. The first match between the two teams led to the Red Sox winning its first World Series in almost 90 years.

In the championship series, the Cardinals finished off the series with a strong shutout victory in Game 6.

While the Red Sox came from behind with a late grand slam to take the series in six games as well.
Bryan and Cale will discuss the series and what they expect from the series when it is all said and done.

Even though I do not have any vested interest in this series, I will still be watching because it looks as if it is going to be a very close matchup between these two teams.
All year, the Red Sox were at the top of the division and continued to perform at a high level when they got into the playoffs.

In the series against the Tigers, the Red Sox found themselves struggling on the offensive side and even in Game 6 of the series.

It came down to a grand slam from Shane Victorino that pushed the Red Sox into the World Series.
I think that the Red Sox are going to win this series, but it is hard believe that the Cardinals are not going to put up a fight. They have been a scrappy team all year and always seem to end up in the playoffs and the World Series.

I too have no vested interest in this World Series matchup, but it will be another great series from this postseason.

Both teams had identical records during the regular season, and each won its respective division. The teams are fairly evenly matched in all aspects of their teams, which can only leave a few individual factors that will decide this series.

To get to the World Series, both teams have to be on a mini-hot streak, and certain players need to step up during the postseason.

For the St. Louis Cardinals, those players have mostly been pitchers, including national league championship series MVP, Michael Wacha and reliever Trevor Rosenthal.

Along with former national league CY Young Winner, Adam Wainwright, at the top of the rotation, the Cardinals could easily put the Red Sox in an early 2-0 deficit.

I’m not particularly a fan of Boston’s starting pitching during this series. I can’t bring myself to believe that pitcher, John Lackey, will come up clutch in a big game against the Cardinals lineup.
Also, members of the Red Sox lineup have faced the Cardinals multiple times in the playoffs, and have never been on the winning side of the series.

Overall, I believe the Cardinals will take this series in five games. That is not meant to discredit the Red Sox, who have been surprising people all season.

I just do not see the Boston completing their worst-to-first comeback season.