The NBA is a league that is drenched in drama. From LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace to Mark Cuban, Blake Griffin and finally Dwight Howard the NBA has its hands full. The big man in Orlando just happens to be making some huge news for himself recently. Howard and his Orlando Magic seem to make the NBA playoffs each year. Under Coach Stan Van Gundy, the Magic have a pedigree for winning.


I think that this whole Magic situation is a mess. You cannot expect to win when your coach knows that his star player wants him fired. I think Dwight Howard is an excellent player and he really deserves a championship. Yet, I feel that the more important person in all of this is Stan Van Gundy.

He is the reason that a woeful Magic team can continue to make it to the play-offs with just Dwight Howard. If Howard had another superstar like when Kobe had Shaq, then we would not be discussing this issue. So, let Dwight Howard go somewhere else, or bring in a player. Van Gundy knows the game, and he can relate to his players.

He cannot play with Howard, so how is it his fault that the Magic only have one big threat. If he would just get through to management that they need to find a way to go after someone or at least draft better, then we might see the Magic building a good team down in Orlando. Stan needs to stay, even though Dwight Howard is one of the best in the game. In the long run, a great coach is more important than a whiney player who is pretty shady at the same time.


I for one could care less about what happens to both Dwight Howard and Stan Van Gundy. I agree with Nick on the basis of the coaching credentials that Van Gundy possesses; however, the elite coaches have been able to rein in their players when it came time to win.
Phil Jackson not only had to coincide with Shaquille O’Neil and Kobe Bryant, but he also had to get those two to play together.
Jackson also had to deal with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman all on the same team. Cooler heads prevail in situations where a superstar or more become disgruntled.

The whole premise of Howard demanding management fire Van Gundy is ludicrous. Howard should be benched, fined and banned. You name it, Howard needs it. Van Gundy needs to show that Howard is not the entire team, just a piece of it. Granted, the Magic are a one-dimensional team with Howard on the floor, and have no real talent outside Howard; however, making this statement can inspire the team to come together. Bench Howard and maybe a resurgence will come about similar to the Denver Nuggets after the trading of Carmelo Anthony.

If the drama continues, management needs to step in and get rid of both of them. If Howard wants to complain about his coach and his team then he can be shown the door. If Van Gundy cannot handle one player, how in the world can he handle a group of them? Let the drama continue to unfold because by the end of this big mess, both of these goons will be gone.

Good riddance to the circus act in Orlando.