Jeremy Lin might not be as big of a name as Kobe Bryant, but the current point guard for the New York Knicks, is a relative unknown.

Lin has been cut a few times since entering the NBA undrafted in the 2010 season. His hometown Golden State Warriors and then by the Houston Rockets were the first to cut him. The Knicks sent Lin to the Development League last year.

However, Lin is bringing all kinds of attention to the Knicks in this wild season. A team that seemed destined for greatness again, but has struggled as of late, has finally found its missing “LINk” in Lin.
“Lin-Sanity” has now taken over the country. Is he legitimate or is he just getting lucky?

Sam: Ok, first of all, Lin-Sanity? Let’s get a better nickname because last time I checked the name “Vin-Sanity” was used for Vince Carter. Second of all, the NBA sees this all the time. Each season,
or in this case, a few games, there is one person who comes out of nowhere and bursts into the scene.

Jeremy Lin has too many flaws in his game to become an elite player, or even a mediocre player at best. He has unreliable court vision and is too streaky when it comes to his jump shots. Once he faces double coverage his offensive numbers flounder. He had six turnovers in a game against Minnesota and throughout his five game streak the Knicks have played four teams with a record sub .500.

Right now “Lin-Sanity” is imminent because the other “stars” on the Knicks have failed to show up. Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony have been virtually invisible throughout this season. It has gotten to the point where ESPN is running articles on how to fit Stoudemire into the mix.
The Knicks cannot jump on Lin too quick. Next thing that you know, the Knicks will be dealing more of their bench players so that they can surround Lin with other super-stars.
The Knicks need to wake up and wake up quickly because this guy will fizzle out before crunch time occurs.

Let us wait to judge Lin until he plays some teams that can play stifling defense. Let us wait until after the All-Star break where the true contenders emerge, and the true pretenders are exposed.
After the grueling grind comes to a halt, the sports world will know whether it has the next star.
Until then, I will consider Lin to be a shooting star; spectacular when it is in the air, but in a short time it is gone.

Get ready NBA fans, it will be a fun ride to watch —success or failure.

Nick: Well first of all, Sam must have no idea that the media has taken the term insanity out of their names (Lin and Vince) to show how insane they play. Obviously they are going to use Lin-Sanity because it makes sense. Vin-Sanity is over and done with so get with the times.


I also want to tell Sam that he must forget that both the Lakers and Jazz were over .500. I guess he forgets that Lin outplayed Bryant in this win streak. I guess beating Kobe is not seen as legitimate anymore. Minnesota has the same record as the Knicks and I bet Sam is forgetting that the last few games the Knicks won they did not have Carmelo Anthony or Amare Stoudemire in the lineup.

So would that mean Lin was pretty much winning these games by himself? Yes. Jeremy Lin is legitimate. He is a great player that finally got a chance to play and is showing the country just how talented he really is.

Watch out for the Knicks to make a strong surge because all he does is “LIN.”