You know what really grinds my gears?

People who just cannot take a joke.

Edgy comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, known for his movies “Borat” and “Bruno,” was at the Oscars promoting his new film “The Dictator.”

Cohen was told by the academy that he was not allowed to wear any type of outfit relating to his new film.

So, being the radical comedian Cohen is, he decided to dress up in his “Dictator” outfit and pretended to be his new character, Admiral Aladeen.

Cohen was accompanied by two beautiful girls dressed as “bodyguards” of his, and he was holding a fake urn of the deceased North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.

Now, this already seems bad enough, but Cohen thought that it would be even better to go and dump the ashes on non-celebrity and the world’s second famous leprechaun Ryan Seacrest.
During his red carpet interview, Cohen explained to Seacrest that Kim Jong Il wanted his ashes to be scattered on the red carpet at the Oscars and to be sprinkled over Halle Berry’s chest.
Sounds like a great last wish to me.

Yet, as he was explaining this to Seacrest, Cohen spilled the ashes all over Seacrest and on the red carpet.

Now, I just have to say these were not the real ashes of Kim Jong Il, even though those quite possibly could have been his last wishes.

Cohen who was already in trouble for just dressing up, just went over the top.
He did not actually attend the Oscars ceremony and did not even attend any sanctioned after parties.

We all know that Cohen likes to pull crazy stunts, and he loves to take comedy to the next level.
The Academy knew this too and is now extremely upset and merely offended by his actions.
The most likely thing they will do is ban him from comedy for a set number of years.

They told him if he pulled this stunt he had to sit out of the ceremony, and he listened.
He was attempting to generate buzz for his film and now he is getting attacked, not just by the academy, but now by the Arab-Americans.

Yes, the Arab-American community is outraged by his impersonation of their culture and actions.
You would think it would have been the North Koreans, but they have a very good understanding of comedy because they were ruled by a dictator who looked like my great aunt for years.

The National Network of Arab American Communities director Nadia Tonova said, “Routinely, we are profiled as unsavory or sultry characters; generally terrorists, dictators, sheiks, oil tycoons or Bedouins.

But it is not just Hollywood that perpetuates this imagery.
These stereotypes are promoted everywhere.”

OK Nadia, I have an answer for you.

Why would you not take the joke and leave it alone?

I mean, are Arab-Americans really the only people getting stereotyped?

African-Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, you name it, each of these races all get stereotyped every day.

Newsflash to the Arab-American community: America is home to the melting pot of stereotypes.
Watch a Tyler Perry film to see a black person with a watermelon, or listen to Weird Al’s song “White and Nerdy.”

Watch “The George Lopez Show” to see how lazy Hispanics really are, and we all know Jackie Chan’s only real weakness is Godzilla.

So, I say lighten up, he was just joking.