You know what really grinds my gears? The fact that America’s best Republican candidate is a comedian.

Stephen Colbert, the host of the “Colbert Report” is attempting to run for President of South Carolina, again. A political satirist on his Comedy Central program, Colbert likes to make jokes at everybody.

He is not a career politician. He does not understand what it takes to run a state, and he has no real government background. Yet, Colbert is probably the most realistic candidate to run against the scum that are on the ballots. Stephen Colbert knows how politics works. His entire show has revolved around finding flaws in politicians and pointing them out.

Even when he first got his start on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” he would subject people of power to humiliating interviews. Colbert knows the ins and the outs of becoming a political figure. He has an entire audience built up that love his ideas; he also lives in a time where men like him are just as iconic as the president.

Colbert tried to run at one point in 2008 election when he sought a chance to be on both the Republican and Democratic ballots in his native South Carolina. As it turned out, Colbert had to pay money to join the Republican ballot and was forced off of the Democratic ballot because he was only running for one state.

Now Colbert is trying again but this time he has run into a whole different type of problem.
He cannot run because he did not file to run for president before the filing date, and he is not able to be cast as a write in vote because South Carolina does not honor that in their system. So, Colbert is trying to run a campaign for his supporters to vote for Herman Cain, who is not running for president anymore yet is still on the ballot.

The fact that Colbert is even running this time is because there was a Public Policy Polling that showed that Colbert had attained 5 percent of the votes for GOP hopefuls.
He came in with 1 percent over former candidates John Huntsman and within a few percentage points from Rick Perry.

This gave him the boost to want to run.

So with the issue of the Super Pac, which is an organization that helps candidates with their respective campaigns legally yet seemingly illegally, Colbert is storming a run of political ads in his home state.

You are not able to be a part of your Super Pac so the “Definitely not coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super Pac” is actually being run by Jon Stewart.

I think it is time for America to have someone who is very open and opinionated like Colbert to run for president. It seems like the Republicans do not want Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich to win, so what is the problem?

Yes, I realize America does not need a comedian as the next leader of the free world, but this is the same nation that elected Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura as governors of California and Minnesota respectively.

We need change and maybe someone who understands the ridiculousness of government and might decide to change it.

If Colbert wants a shot, I say why not.