Stephenie Meyer really needs to find a new wheel house. Is it really “Twilight” all over again? Not quite, thankfully.

“The Host,” directed by Andrew Niccol, is the newest film based off a book by best-selling author Stephenie Meyer.

From the trailers, it looked like an interesting story, and I was hoping that a great story might help to overshadow the not-so-good parts.

I was right. Niccol also adapted the screenplay, and combined with Meyer’s novel, created an interesting world and story. But it was just too similar to “Twilight.” This time there is a love square if you can even fathom that.

Also, the terrible acting did not help. Saoirse Ronan, who I have always liked, was not good in the lead role of Melanie. I do not think it was totally her fault. The writing was pretty bad and the cast around did nothing to help.

Max Irons and Jake Abel play Ronan’s love interest in the film, and man, were they bad. I haven’t seen them in much before this so I was not sure what to expect. So if we have learned anything from Twilight, we know that now these two will be in many more movies to come.

As I had said earlier, the story was not bad and the film itself looked really cool. However, the terrible writing and acting brought this film down so much for me to recommend it to anyone. On the bright side, it was much better than the “Twilight” films I have seen.

I can only give this film a 2 out of 5.