On Sept. 28, Endgame Entertainment released its time travel movie “Looper”.

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt, this futuristic thriller is already one of my favorite films of the year.

The originality of the story as well as the performances from the entire ensemble brought this fantastic world of crime, drugs and violence to life.

One of my favorite actors, Gordon-Levitt, stars in this film as Joe, an orphan who has become a futuristic hit man known as a looper.

In the year 2042, time travel has yet to be invented, but in the year 2072, it has.

However in 2072, time travel has been outlawed and is only used by the crime syndicates who need to dispose of a body, which is hard to do in the future.

So what these crime groups do is they send the people they need to kill back in time and have them killed in the past by loopers. So when Joe’s boss, played by Jeff Daniels, wants to “end his loop,” Joe’s future self, played by Bruce Willis, is sent back in time.

The stunning visuals, as well as the originality of the story, made this movie so much fun to watch. The action sequences were so well done and looked fantastic on screen. I credit this to the film’s director, Rian Johnson.

Johnson’s vision of this world was brought into being in such a way that transfixed you into this world and the world of the characters living in it.

Johnson’s directing also shined when it came to the performances by the cast. Everyone in this film, even down to the smallest characters, did incredible jobs in making this world seem so real.

Gordon-Levitt has cemented his role as the man of the future in Hollywood with his performance. Throughout the film, he brings his character to life and shows multiple sides of a surprisingly deep character.

As for Gordon-Levitt’s counterpart, Willis is once again a fantastic action star in this action thriller in which he plays the future Joe, who is the main character.

Willis never seems to let me down in this familiar role he always seems to play; the man on a mission to save the world from a terrible villain.

This movie was fantastic. The originality of the story is combined with fantastic acting, thrilling action and great visuals.

Looper is a great ride for two hours that will be well worth your $10. I was very excited to see this movie, and all my expectations were exceeded. I loved this movie and loved the story.

I would give this movie four and one half out of five stars.