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Former SU professor is no Nostradamus

(01/28/13 6:21pm)

Dr. Richard T. Hise, Professor Emeritus of marketing at Texas A&M University and a former Shippensburg University professor, recently wrote a book titled, “A Christian View of the War Against Islam.” In the book, Hise uses the Bible in an attempt to explain the current conflict in the Middle East and argues that God will eventually resolve the threat of radical Islam.

How Far a creative mind can carry you in life

(02/11/13 8:21pm)

When I was little, creativety came easily. All I asked to recieve for Christmas, my birthday or even Easter was paper, colored pencils, crayons and markers. All I ever wanted to do was draw, color and write. When little, children make up imaginary friends, events that happen and stories in their heads. I see this all the time with my three nephews. But why do we lose that? Obviously we do not walk around with imaginary friends that get us in trouble like in the movie, “Drop Dead Fred,” but you get the picture.