Zen gardens allow students to de-stress

The Activities Program Board (APB)  held a do-it-yourself zen garden event in the Ceddia Union Building Raider Lounge on Thursday, which allowed students to customize their own potted plant with unique accessories to take home.

Shippensburg University junior Keri Barth said she felt it was a good event to have at this time of the year.

 “I think it is a good event to have at this point in the semester because by planting a succulent and designing the pot however you want, creates a sense of happiness we can bring back to our rooms — which I think we all need during finals week,” Barth said.

Students started their creations by picking out one planting pot out of a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures and colors. After selecting a pot, they chose which succulent they wanted to plant. The succulents ranged from haworthiopsis fasciata, to haworthia cymbiformis to the common jade plant. After planting their chosen succulent, the students decorated their pots and added accessories to the soil or rocks in their pots. 

Junior Kathleen Martin said she enjoyed potting a plant while in the company of some great friends. She also agreed with Barth that the event was timely as it was a relaxing and creative event and perfect for the busy end of the semester schedule. 

Barth added, “I really enjoyed that they had more of a variety of pots this year. Last year’s selection was more limited in choices.”

Barth and Martin mentioned attending APB’s zen garden event last year, and were excited that APB was hosting a similar event. Barth was looking forward to adding another succulent to her varied collection of plants on the windowsill of her apartment. 

Both students also gave kudos to APB’s creative snack of choice – a “dirt cup,” which consists of a pudding cup, crushed Oreos and gummy worms. Barth and Martin found the snack to be fitting for the crafty event.

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