Colleges Against Cancer’s 5K Color Run gives opportunity to exercise, donate


Olivia Magallanes (left) won second place Sunday, while Courtney Schlusser and Lucas Strayer tied for first place at Colleges Against Cancer’s 5K Color Run. 

Coated in color, students and community members crossed the finish line Sunday afternoon for Colleges Against Cancer’s 5K Color Run, which raised $254. 

The 5-kilometer route, which started at the Shippensburg University pavilion across the street from Mowrey Hall and next to the hockey rink, snaked around campus and gave competitors a chance to get some exercise and give to charity. 

“I’ve always wanted to try the color run and it’s for a good cause,” said junior Olivia Magallanes as she waited at the starting line. “Ever since I lost weight, I thought it’d be a cool idea to try it,” she added. Before the race began, Colleges Against Cancer President Gianna Uzzo thanked the participants, spoke on the club’s role on campus and told the contestants about Colleges Against Cancer’s next event, Relay for Life. 

“Relay is this semester. It’s two weeks away on Friday, April 6,” Uzzo said. Next, former Colleges Against Cancer president Jason Greenspan explained the course’s route to the contestants and thanked them for participating. Contestants began mingling with one another excitedly as the start of the race drew near.

“Can you play the Rocky song?” asked senior Lucas Strayer, dressed in a white T-shirt and bright green shoes. The other participants chuckled at his suggestion. 

Uzzo and Greenspan steadied their hands, which held containers of bright colored chalk paint, before counting down for contestants.

“Three, two, one, go!” the president and former president said in unison, throwing color onto the contestants as they crossed the starting line. An eruption of colored powder burst into the air and the runners were off. 

Uzzo and Greenspan rode in separate cars with other Colleges Against Cancer officials to ensure the participants were running on the correct route. 

Sitting in the front passenger seat of a fittingly bright green sedan, Uzzo explained that the club members have spent almost the entire semester planning the color 5K.

Club members met the winners at the finish line and recorded their placements before handing out metals. Winners Strayer and senior Courtney Schlusser tied for first place, while Magallanes won second place.

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