What do you love about your major?

Whether you are an art, business or even a computer science major, you understand that studying is not always enough when it comes to your core classes. Sure, studying will help you pass, but passion seems to be what drives the truly motivated toward a successful career in their field.

Shippensburg University’s campus is full of a diverse student body readying themselves for the work force. Some may teach our children, others could write the next great American novel. These students shared what they love about their major and why they are so passionate about it.

Cammie Jenkins 

Elementary Education Major

“I love that we have a school on campus that we can work in. I love the classes that I’m going to get into, they seem very interactive with the kids.” 

Nick Cascarino 

Management Information Systems (MIS) Major 

“I love technology. It’s nice because a lot of the professors in the department have a lot of field experience so the methodology that they’re teaching is really applicable to the real world.” 

Jiyana Wright 

Human Resource Management Major 

“I love that I can pick apart the different aspects of what it takes to recruit, train and equip employees with the proper knowledge and procedures to do their job. I’m really excited to get out in the work force and get a big girl job.” 

Frank Dick 

Finance and MIS Major 

“I really enjoy just being in the college of business. Seeing that they have such good growth and the people that have come out of there with such great jobs already, the faculty is great.” 

Najiyah Roberts 

English Major

“What I love about being an English major is that I feel like it’s a great creative outlet, I like how there are a bunch of creative writing classes, those are my favorite courses.” 

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