Students celebrate the Eagles’ Super Bowl win

Students watched the Super Bowl intently in the CUB MPR Sunday night.

Overjoyed with the Eagles’ victory, students rocked the Ceddia Union Building’s Multipurpose Room (MPR) Sunday night at the annual Activities Program Board (APB) Super Bowl Party. 

The night began with students excitedly filing into the MPR, many sporting green clothes and NFL Eagles’ gear. Some students began making their predictions for the game as they entered. 

“It’s gonna be 87 – 0 Eagles,” one student exclaimed from the buzzing crowd.

Students were welcomed with a buffet of pizza, wings and popcorn along with ginger ale and juice refreshments. A meandering line of hungry Raiders formed, eager to fill up their plates. Green, white and black balloons filled the room, and large football stickers with saying’s such as “go team” and “touchdown” decorated the walls. Students danced to the beat as hip-hop music played. 

APB member and senior Karla Moses planned the Super Bowl party with the help of fellow APB member Jahniya Crawford. 

“Originally we were going to plan a half Patriots half Eagles party, but we thought it was appropriate to do an all Eagles party since we’re just two and a half hours from Philadelphia,” Moses said, who is a Philadelphia suburb native and a proclaimed Eagles fan. 

 “Since the Eagles are in it, it hits close to home,” Moses said.  

At the start of the game, the lights in the MPR shut off, revealing a green glow under each table in the room. Students chattered with excitement, finishing up their pizza and wings as the game began. 

Each play by the Eagles ignited clapping and cheers from Raiders, many of whom were snap chatting the game on their phones. Penalties against the Eagles sparked boos from the students, who quickly regained their excitement as the Eagles prospered throughout each quarter. 

Student Keleb Sylvain was very confident that the Eagles would take home the trophy. 

“I feel that the Eagles are going to win,” Sylvain said during the second quarter. “They’ve made it this far.”

As the game went on, students shouted things such as “Let’s go Eagles,” “Get it Foles” and “Come on, come on!”

 Almost everyone was on the edge of his or her seat by the fourth quarter. Many students held their heads with eyes open wide as they watched the Eagles score the final touchdown of the game. 

The MPR erupted in uncontainable excitement at the announcement of the Eagles’ win. Students tossed chairs aside and did cartwheels out of excitement. The students who were not dancing to the beat of the victory were recording the happy chaos on their phones. 

Raiders then began singing in unison the lyrics “Na Na Hey Hey” from the song by Steam. 

Student Kandace Lee said that although she is not a football fan, she was happy to see the Eagles win.

“I wasn’t expecting them to even go to the Super Bowl,” Lee said standing in front of her friends who celebrated the win with uninhibited dance moves, “so this is really cool!”

Students continued to dance out of the MPR and into the halls of the Ceddia Union Building, proclaiming their excitement for the Eagles with shouts of glee and the occasional profanity to mark the first Super Bowl win for the city of Philadelphia.

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