SU senior artistically meshes history, modernity

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Joel Noel, a senior art major at SU, exhibits her work at The Brindle Gallery to give herself experience working with galleries and receiving feedback.

Shippensburg University senior art major, Julie Noel found a muse in the Italian art and culture that she was exposed to during SU’s spring break trip to Rome, Italy, last year. 

Noel displayed a portion of the photographs she took while she was in Rome in a group exhibition earlier this semester, alongside the works of other students who also went on the trip. However, Noel recently revisited her photographs and gave them a unique second life by transforming them into digital fine art prints.

The title of Noel’s new exhibit is “Una Nuova Prospettiva Romana,” which translates to “A New Roman Perspective.” There is significance in the title Noel selected for her exhibit because she focused on experimenting with the familiarity of historic landmarks and statues as she was creating the artwork.

“In this exhibit I wanted to take classical history and give it a modern twist so people can see it in a new and different way,” Noel said. 

The transformation of her photographs to graphic prints started with Noel converting the original colored images to a duo tone with colors that complimented each other and the content of the image she was working with. After she determined which two colors best suited the print, she analyzed each to pinpoint how she should crop, cut or alter the images so that it emphasized the main idea of the rendition and did not distract viewers.

Graphic design and digital printing gives Noel the creative freedom to experiment with art and find new ways to stray from what is typical and uncover a new perception, which she enjoys. 

“I developed a background in digital fine art from a class I took my sophomore year,” Noel said, “and it blossomed into something I’m really passionate about.” 

Noel plans to employ the various skills she learned at SU by pursuing a career as a creative professional after she graduates. Noel particularly hopes to find a job at a graphic design firm where she can share her own ideas and artistic approaches, which is an environment in which she said she thrives.

“Una Nuova Prospettiva Romana” is currently on display in The Brindle Gallery and will remain on display through Nov. 2. The exhibit can be viewed during gallery hours, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday through Thursday, or by appointment.

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