Stan Honda illuminates young minds


Digital photography students display their work at SHAPE gallery. Well known photojournalist Stan Honda instructed the class with his wide array of knowledge and experience.

A group of Shippensburg University students got the chance to show off a semester’s worth of photography as a new exhibit opened at the Shippensburg Arts Programming & Education (SHAPE) gallery Wednesday evening.

Renowned photojournalist Stan Honda was invited to Shippensburg this semester to teach a digital photography exploration class. The class featured a mix of undergraduate and graduate students in the communication/ journalism major.

This new photo gallery features pieces from the student’s final project. Honda said each student in the class went out and selected a topic of interest and then developed a portfolio of about 10 photos. Due to spacing concerns, each student selected only two of their favorite photos to be featured in the gallery.

While some of the students entered the class with little digital photography experience, they learned the essentials quickly and then ventured out on their own to learn through application. Honda said he was impressed with how fast the students progressed from the beginning of the semester.

“The learning curve was steep and in the end, they produced compelling storytelling photographs in journalistic style,” Honda said

Honda has spent the majority of his career working for various publications and giving lectures on photography. Most of Honda’s work and lectures have revolved around night sky photography and up until now, that was the extent of his teaching experience.

Coming to Shippensburg to teach a course was a new experience for Honda, but he really enjoyed the time spent instructing this group. Honda also mentioned he was interested in possibly teaching another course here in the future.

The exhibit will remain open until May 12. All the photos in the exhibit are available for purchase.

Video recorded and edited by Nolan McGraw

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