Avengers: A second look

I am sure you are wondering why in the world I am focusing on a movie that came out two years ago and received so much hype and amazing reviews. I could not agree more with the rest of the world that “The Avengers” is an amazing film and one of the most impressive that Marvel has completed. That being said, I wanted to really sit down and watch the movie to observe why it received all of the popularity it did.

First off, we love our superheroes and what better way to share the love of them than by creating a movie with all of them working together to save the world? We all have our favorite superhero from the movie and it is a unique experience to see the characters all in the same movie interacting with each other’s lives. Plus, this idea for a film has never been done before; it was literally an epic release for Marvel, bringing in approximately $1.5 billion worldwide and ranking third in worldwide box office grosses, according to boxofficemojo.com

As much as I love the action sequences throughout the movie, there is a good balance of action and dialogue with a strong plot to support it. Like I mentioned before as well, it’s far too exciting to see how each of these heroes interact with one another. Although some of their fights are more serious, many of them lead to humorous scenes and I absolutely love that Marvel includes humor in all of its movies, especially this one. Between Robert Downey Jr.’s sarcasm and the Hulk beating the life out of the villain, Loki, there are plenty of laughs scattered throughout the film.

The only thing that is somewhat frustrating in my opinion is that if you want to fully understand the dialogue and the characters’ background, you have to watch each hero’s own movie beforehand. I am not saying it is a pain to watch each one since they are great movies and worth watching, but if you have not seen them all it can get confusing.

For example, I honestly was not totally positive who the Black Widow and Hawk Eye were before this movie and I had to base their backgrounds off of what their dialogue told me. Black Widow was introduced in “Iron Man 2” but other than that I had never heard of her before.

For the superhero and Marvel fans who counted down the days until this movie was released, I believe it was a larger-than-life success and it is now one of my favorite movies that I could watch over and over again. Trust me, Marvel does not disappoint with “The Avengers” and will have you hooked from start to finish.

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