Farewell, students: It's been fun


Dear readers,

This issue marks the end of my first year as managing editor, an experience I would not trade for the world. Working at The Slate is not always easy. The long hours in the CUB, the pressure to meet deadlines and the black and blue-inked fingers after delivering the papers are not glamorous, but they are always worth it.

At The Slate I have been blessed with an amazing staff to manage, as well as a talented boss, Cara, and an invaluable adviser, Dr. Drager. Cara is graduating and will be missed terribly. However, her work will live through the high quality of work she taught us to produce. She was the driving force behind the new layout of The Slate, which debuted last week. The paper looks better than ever and we hope to maintain Cara’s high standards after she leaves.

Along with Cara, several other members of our staff are graduating: Paris Helman, Bryan Obarowski, Billy Kauffman, Cassandra Clarhaut, Anna Seils, Zac Davis and David Yearwood. Each of these people have contributed countless hours to putting the paper together. Though each of these individuals are irreplaceable in his or her own way, I am pleased to say we have a fresh batch of talented young staffers for next year.

I have high hopes for the future of The Slate. We will work hard to provide you with updated news in print and online, along with sports updates, thought-provoking opinion pieces and relevant feature stories.

Sarah Eyd
Managing Editor

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