Apple announces two new iPhones


On Tuesday, Apple held a keynote event announcing their newest iteration of the iPhone. This time instead of dropping the price on the old iPhone 5 as had been the trend, and announcing their newest phone, they announced two brand new iPhones: the iPhone 5c and 5s.

Both new phones will have all new technologies from the processing chips to the cameras. Also the 5c, which will be taking the place of the iPhone 5, will be available in a 16gb version for only $99. The major hardware addition to the iPhone 5c is the new 64-bit A7 chip that will greatly increase the processing power from the A6 chip in the iPhone 5.

Along with the new phones, Apple had several software announcements, which they believe will completely innovate the productivity of their mobile devices. First off they announced iOS 7, the new operating system for the tech giant’s mobile devices.

This new operating system will drastically change the user interface not just on the iPhone and iPad but also in its apps as well.

In addition Apple also announced that all of their new Apple devices following Sept. 18 will come with iOS 7 installed and will receive Apple iWorks, iPhoto, and iMovie free of charge.

iOS 7 will be available for download on Apple devices on September 18. The devices included in the upgrade will be all those from the iPhone 4 and on.

For more information on Apple’s new iPhones, check out their full keynote address at

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