SU Catering Department services events on and off campus


An example of SU Catering Department’s work.

Have you ever thought about the logistics of the special food events that happen here around campus?

Shippensburg University is not a large campus community by any stretch of the imagination, but still there are behind the scenes members who get overlooked frequently. One such department is the SU Catering services.

Although they are few in number, the staff reach nearly any time and any place on campus every year. From before the school year begins until after it ends, they are working to keep hungry people happy.

With 19 years of food service experience, SU Catering director Jodi Conrad heads the team that serves faculty, students and alumni for many special occasions. The department also does events in the community for many different groups and organizations.

Ship Catering does events that are not associated with or located on campus. Wedding catering is a task that Conrad and her team accomplish with ease and professionalism.

“My brother’s wedding reception was catered very well and the food was great,” recent SU Catering guest, Mike Lloyd said.

SU Catering serves food like the snacks you will find outside of the events at the Luhrs center and the president’s reception dinner that is the premier event for the benefactors of SU.

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Seating 600 people for a full meal at the president’s reception dinner is the biggest event on the list each year for the catering department.

It takes a full concentration of planning to coordinate a full meal and service for this dinner each year taking everything from the etiquette of seating and arrangements on the tables to the movement of servers and food.

“We are a do-all department here. We take pride in making sure there is good food from the biggest event to the smallest gathering around our campus,” Conrad said.

Supervisors Lori and Nate Herman also work in the department full time.

They recently catered for a wedding held in the Tuscarora room in Reisner Dining Hall.

The SU Catering department is another source for student on-campus employment with nine students working part-time.

SU Catering offers its ordering options online at

There are many student-priced options for food in any sized group or event.

The SU Catering Department is a full service and full-time part of campus that seems to fly under the radar.

SU Catering Department is just one of many groups working to make campus life enjoyable all the time as faculty and students go about their days.

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