Travis Porter gets crowd jumping


Travis Porter performing for SU students on Sunday, April 7.

The crowd exploded when the hip-hop group Travis Porter hit the stage in Shippensburg University’s Ceddia Union Building on Sunday.

Travis Porter, which is comprised of three friends, has entertained fans around the world since their formation in 2006. Lakeem Mattox, Donquez Woods, and Harold Duncan formed the group “with the hope of taking over the rap world from the underground up,” according to their website,

Growing up in Georgia, they were influenced by the popular hip-hop groups Outkast and Hot Boys.
Local artists also affected their music. After deciding to start their own hip-hop group, their biggest influences became each other.

Though their music is now well-known throughout the world, Mattox still remembers hearing their song on the radio for the first time.

“I was in the kitchen with my grandma and my mom when the song came on ‘Battlegrounds.’ It felt good,” said Mattox. He said hearing it was even better when they won the Battlegrounds competition that year.

Since then, they have traveled to places such as Germany and performed with artists such as Mac Miller.

They all agreed that performing is the best part of being musical artists
The hardest aspect, they explained, is participating in the meet and greets and interviews. For them, the music is the easy part.

Photo by Adrian Sipes / The Slate
Photo by Adrian Sipes / The Slate
Photo by Adrian Sipes / The Slate

Hip-Hop group Travis Porter performed for SU students on Sunday, April 7. The group performed as part of APB’s concert series. Students and SU mascot, Big Red went wild for the group’s upbeat rhymes and beats.

Like many musicians, Travis Porter enjoys the popularity that comes along with being a famous artist.

“We love seeing the crowd go crazy when we come out on stage. The cash is good too, and all the girls,” they said.

They succeeded in making their fans go wild throughout their whole show, peaking when they performed their well-known hits “Make it Rain” and “Ayy Ladies.”

They even had the crowd laughing when group member Duncan emerged in the crowd wearing the SU mascot’s head.

Travis Porter recently released their mix tape, Mr. Porter, and the group is currently working on their second album.

Although they are looking forward to a successful future, for the fans that attended their Shippensburg concert, all that mattered was the present.

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