The Thought Lot rings with the sound of drums


What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “drum circle?” You might think of hippies, but at The Thought Lot in Shippensburg, a drum circle is about much more than that.

Every fourth Sunday of the month, Nancy Messich “The Drum Lady” holds a drum circle that is open to the community. The drum circle is held at The Thought Lot, a fine arts hub in Shippensburg located at 37 E. Garfield St.

“Everybody can participate,” Messich said about the drum circles, “whether they’re special needs or have physical disabilities, everyone can have fun with drum circles.”

The event, held at 6 p.m. on Sunday, was a small gathering of very different people all looking for a good way to communicate through music.

“When you do get into a groove, it’s like everyone is in the same space,” Messich said about the feel of the event.

I participated in a few songs and I was surprised at how it felt to be part of the circle. Messich puts on a mix of music from all over the world to get the beat started and slowly moves into having the music off until all you hear is the mesmerizing sound of the drums.

“I think it’s good for children, for families, for adults, for teenagers. I think it’s good for anybody.” Messich also describes drum circles as, “a great way to be with friends and to listen to music from all over the world. It’s just a lot of fun to play.”

Photo by David Yearwood / The Slate

Participants join in with drumming.

Messich also has a drum and percussion band called Island Fusion. Her band performs at many different events and plays all kinds of music, from Jimmy Buffet to the sweet sounds of Caribbean steel drum music.

For more information about Messich’s band Island Fusion, visit

For more information about The Thought Lot and future events, visit The Thought Lot’s Facebook page. Because of Memorial Day weekend, the next drum circle at The Thought Lot will be held on Sunday, June 23.

Be sure to check out The Thought Lot on Facebook at and online at for updates on all of their up and coming events.

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