Financial Aid FAQs

Q: I have a “Pell eligibility” coded to the MyShip portal for my record. What is that?

A: For the 2012-2013 year and forward, the government has made adjustments to the Pell Grant policy. The new policy says a student can receive a Pell grant for 12 full-time terms, which is basically six years. However, someone who is not a full-time student may have eligibility longer than six years. If you have been a full time student for more than four years, your Pell Grant could be maxed out now or it could be very close to the overall allowable limit. Either way, if you have this flag, we will notify you via email of your current Pell eligibility status for 2013-2014 and moving forward. You may check the status of your Pell awards over the course of your academic career at

*Q: I have an “Unusual enrollment history” coded to the MyShip portal for my record. What does that mean?
A: Starting in the 2013-2014 year, the Department of Education has decided to ‘flag’ records that show an unusual enrollment history. An unusual enrollment history could be transferring from school to school, attending multiple schools, etc. The main reason for this flag is for us to check your enrollment history to verify that at each school you attended in the past three years and received aid, you passed credits. For students who attended multiple schools, got financial aid, but passed no classes, they could lose financial aid eligibility until they earn a college credit. If you have this requirement coded to your MyShip portal there is nothing you need to do at this time. If our review determines that you may no longer qualify for aid, we will notify you.

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