Skippyjon Jones performs 'purrfectly'


Skippyjon Jones and his family performed ‘purr-fectly’ at Shippensburg University’s H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center this past Saturday.

The show was a story about an adventure-seeking, Siamese cat with an identity crisis that captured the audience’s imagination, which was filled with children of all ages, including a young boy named Trevor Wiser. Wiser is a junior reporter who represented his fifth grade class from Grace B. Luhrs University Elementary School, located on Shippensburg’s campus. He observed the show and even got to meet the cast after the performance.

The Theatreworks U.S.A. production has been touring nonstop since October all along the East Coast. The five performers played various roles following Skippyjon Jones on his latest adventure to Mexico. The musical was adapted from Judy Schachner’s children’s picture book series “Skippyjon Jones.”

She tells a story of a little cat named Skippyjon Jones who has bigger dreams than a life of catnip and lounging around.

Skippyjon (Jeremy Pope) finds himself in trouble, yet again, with his mother Mama Junebug (Bryan Miner) who sent him to his room to contemplate how to behave like the feline he is.

Not long after Skippyjon was left alone, his imagination started to run wild.

After a second look in the mirror, he started to think that with such a large head and big ears, he must be more like a Chihuahua.

Photo by Ashley Stoudnour / The Slate

He’s not just an ordinary Chihuahua, he is Skippito Friskito, the best-masked canine sword fighter Mexico has ever seen.

As his room transforms, he finds himself amongst a pack of four fellow Chihuahuas who call themselves Los Chimichangos (Melanie Beck, Marcelo Pereira, Natalie Ramirez and Bryan Miner).

Misconstrued by Skippyjon’s mask and cape, the canines accept Skippito as “the one” who can protect them from the evil Alfredo Buzzito, (also Bryan Miner) a terrifying bumblebee, who constantly steals their beans. Rosalita, the only girl in the pack, has a hard time believing Skippito is really who he says he is.

Skippito and Rosalita share the same desire to be accepted and treated the same as everyone else. Skippito helps Rosalita accomplish her dream of playing fetch with the boys.

After watching the performance, junior reporter Wiser said it was a good and funny show.

He and his grandmother proceeded after the show to meet the whole cast and tour manager. The crew answered questions he and his class had prepared in advance.

Jeremy Pope, who played Skippyjon, explained to Wiser that it takes a lot of energy to play his character, and it was hard at first, but he’s finally starting to enjoy himself and he really enjoys the cast as well.

Skippyjon Jones has little time to rest after his big adventure as he travels back to New York City to continue the tour and follow his dreams.

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