Burd Street residents victims of burglary over Thanksgiving break

Shippensburg police suspect that a burglary occurred at a home in the 300 block of East Burd Street while all the residents were away over Thanksgiving break.

Resident Andrea Weller was the first to return to the house after break. When she returned at 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 25, she found that several of her and her roommates’ belongings were missing.

Among the items stolen were four flat screen TVs from the bedrooms, jewelry, a Kindle, an iPod and other small items. The estimated cost of all the items is about $5,000, according to Weller.

Although most of the items are replaceable, two of the residents had their grandmother’s jewelry, which was also stolen and cannot be replaced.

Weller believes the burglar entered their home through a side window, which was cracked open when she returned to the house. The back door was also left unlocked, where she thinks the burglar exited.

“We never saw this coming. We live on a street with mainly families. We went through and checked all our windows to make sure they are now securely locked. We are also in contact with our landlord about getting new locks for the front and back door,” Weller said.

There are currently no suspects.

Police ask if anyone has information regarding the burglary, to please contact the Shippensburg police department at 717-532-8878.

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