MellowHype’s ‘Numbers’ keeps band’s original sound


MellowHype is a sub group of the Los Angeles crew, Odd Future. The duo is made up by rapper Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain.

As you can see from their name, MellowHype follows their Odd Future lead man, Tyler, the Creator, by being a walking paradox.

Sometimes mellow, other times hype. Hodgy and Left Brain pick up on “Numbers” where they left off with their 2011 release, “BlackenedWhite.”

Left Brain continues to develop the sound of MellowHype and OF with unique synthesizers and basses. Hodgy shows his versatility and maturity as a lyricist on the track “65/Breakfast” and proves to be a perfect complimentary to Left Brain’s satanic production.

After all, the cover of the album is an upside cross and track 11 is “666.” Of course, they are part of the band Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. MellowHype and the rest of the Wolf Gang members continue to redefine creative control with the formation of Odd Future Records.

Although “Numbers” reached the top spot on the iTunes Rap/Hip Hop chart, it has been getting many negative reviews. To me, everything about this album is reflective of the band itself.

The continuity between these two reminds me of a Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth in terms of compatibility.

Hodgy might just be blowing his lyrics past their critics because at only 21 years old, he seems to have polished his style up since “BlackenedWhite.”

Odd Future fans will be happy to hear that rapper Earl Sweatshirt makes an appearance on the track, “P2”. Odd Future members, Frank Ocean and Mike G, make up the only other two features on “Numbers,” and Tyler, the Creator co-produced “666” with Left Brain.

The same thing responsible for many of MellowHype’s fan base may be the reason for the negative feelings toward “Numbers.” Hodgy and Left Brain make and will continue to make the music they want to, they will not let anything step in the way of that.

Hodgy silenced the doubters of MellowHype in the intro to his song “Brain” with the line, “I won’t be quitting this spitting until I’m number one. And the funny thing is I’m only 21.”

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