Christopher Cross and LRB sailed to Shippensburg


The H. Ric Luhrs Performance Arts Center continued its concert series with Christopher Cross and the Little River Band on Saturday night. These two artists played to a semi-packed audience that remained spellbound for both performances.

The Little River Band opened the show by bringing people to their feet, starting with the classic rock tune “Man on Your Mind,” followed by “Happy Anniversary” that allowed the crowd to get involved and turned the tune into a sing-along. The Little River Band then greeted the audience, congratulated Shippensburg University on its Homecoming football win and continued at a slower pace, bringing the crowd to the mellow ballads “Take it Easy on Me” and “Reminiscing,” a hit for the band from 1978.

After an acknowledgement to all military personnel providing service for this country, the band started with timeless classics “Hang On” followed by “The Night Owls” that turned the concert into a celebration.

The energy that came from the audience made the night shine as the band continued to get the crowd involved by singing to the tune “Lady.”

By the end of their set, Little River Band had taken the audience on a ride through the ’70s and ’80s musically and ended with the song, “Lonesome Loser,” that left the crowd cheering for more.

As the night progressed, the five-time Grammy winner Cross and his five – piece band took the stage humbly. Starting with the hit “All Right” he then addressed the crowd. Cross commented on how he finds his music mostly at flea markets and yard sales now and he thanked the audience for their attendance and also thanked The Little River Band for opening.

It was obvious that the LRB had the crowd hungry for more, but Cross had something up his sleeve during his performance.

Cross then played an acoustic version of the tune “Lemon’s Theme,” while having a video clip from the television show masterfully setting the tone for a backdrop.

The crowd was simply amazed as Cross continued with his critically acclaimed tune, “Sailing” that everyone was waiting for. The tunes “Swept Away” and “Think of Laura” were recognized as the theme from the daytime show “General Hospital” soon followed. The hits continued as Cross spoke to the crowd between songs and gave homage to writers and co-producers, Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager and Peter Allen, as he played “Arthur’s Theme (The Best That You Can Do).”

The night ended with Cross playing “Ride Like the Wind,” another Grammy hit. Both performances had their special moments and at night’s end, it was clear why these two artists are still adored by audiences around the world.

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