Susan Spicka visits SU, speaks to students about voting importance


Susan Spicka, the Democratic candidate for the 89 House District held a question and answer session at Shippensburg University on Sept. 13.

The listening session was held at the Ceddia Union Building in Raider Lounge 06. There were about 20 students in attendance.

Before answering questions from students, Spicka gave a short speech about her campaign and what she would do if elected.

“The two main reasons I’m running are to stop cuts to education and cuts to human services,” Spicka said.

During her brief speech, Spicka also urged students to register to vote.
“The university in a race as small as mine really has the ability to swing it one way or another,” Spicka said.

During the question and answer portion of Spicka’s listening session, several students expressed concern about the state cuts to funding for higher education.

One student asked where Pennsylvania would make up the revenue if Spicka had her way and no education spending was cut.

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“Pennsylvania is the only state in the country to not put a severance tax on companies taking natural gas from the state,” Spicka said. “That’s millions and millions of dollars the state could use.”
Spicka also said if elected, she would work to improve the commonwealth’s infrastructure and fight against corporate loopholes.

“Gov. Corbett wants to give a $1.6 billion tax break to Dutch Shell,” Spicka said. “I think our state would be better off giving low interest loans to local businesses where they can go and hire people.”

When asked to critique her opponent, incumbent Rob Kauffman ®, Spicka said she was disappointed that he went along with Corbett’s cuts to higher education while representing a district that is home to SU.

“He’s voted 97 percent of the time with Corbett’s agenda,” Spicka said.
She also criticized Kauffman for taking a $52 payment every day he comes to Harrisburg as a representative.

“I don’t think that just because you are a legislator you should get a special perk,” Spicka said.
She said some fresh faces in Harrisburg would be good for Pennsylvania.
“We get entrenched incumbents and they get entrenched in Harrisburg and they change,” Spicka said.

Spicka runs a grass roots campaign. The candidate estimates that her campaign has made 16,500 phone calls and home visits. In closing, she again stressed how important she thought it was for students to vote.
“You are welcome to vote for whoever you want. Just as long as you vote,” Spicka said.

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